GBC Mission Podcast

GBC Missions | May Mission Month 2020 | Baptist World Aid

Jodene got the chance to speak to Baptist World Aid representatives, Church Relationship Manager for NSW & ACT Marbuen Diaz and CEO John Hickey about GBC’s ongoing support in Lebanon

GBC Missions | May Mission Month 2020 | The Bible Society Australia

Jodene got the chance to speak to Bible Society Australia representatives, Jonathan Harris who is across Church & Community Relations and Louise Sherman of Remote Indigenous Ministry Support.

GBC Missions | May Mission Month 2020 | Mother’s Heart Interview

Kicking of May Mission Month 2020, Jodene spoke with Founder of Mother’s Heart Cambodia Katrina Gliddon and Director for Client Services Emily Scott about GBC’s partnership with Mother’s Heart Cambodia.

Syrian Assist: Hope In Unlikely Places

Through May Mission Month, the GBC faith community has supported the Syrian Assist project by Baptist World Aid since 2016. It’s a project that has resonated deeply with us as a community due to the ongoing severity of this crisis. Jodene travelled to Lebanon to meet the people on the ground who are making these projects a reality and hear their stories of hope rising in unlikely places.

Ruth and Shane – In Northern Spain

In this episode we have an insightful chat with Ruth & Shane who have been on field working in northern Spain since 2007. They’re one of our GBC Frontline supported workers’ and their aim is to mobilise the national believers to make disciples.

Heather – Operation Mobilisation

Jodene sat down with Heather, a missionary we support through GBC Frontline, to chat about her journey of faith, her work with OM and the hardships and laughs of working with Street Pastors UK.

The Eve Project

Lisa Brook and Helen Dwyer are the founders of The Eve Project, a not for profit organisation that offers female survivors of abuse a multi-faceted approach to support them as they rebuild their lives. Helen and Lisa have a chat with Jodene about how they started The Eve Project, the impact that GBC’s support will have, and what the future has in store for The Eve Project.

Kevin Keegan – FEBC Australia

Kevin Keegan from FEBC Australia, joins Jodene to chat about the work we are supporting in Mongolia, the history of FEBC around the world and his personal story of how he got started in ministry.

Marbuen Diaz – Baptist World Aid

Marbuen Diaz, State Representative NSW – Baptist World Aid, explores his experience moving from the Philippines to Australia as a young boy, his journey to faith and the work Baptist World Aid are achieving in Lebanon with the difficulties surrounding the Syrian Civil War and the difficult history between these two nations.

Katrina Gliddon – Mother’s Heart Cambodia

Katrina Gliddon, Founder and former Director of Mother’s Heart Cambodia, shares with us her faith journey from a Jewish cult to becoming a Christain, how God revealed his plan for her to create Mother’s Heart, and what the future holds for Mother’s Heart after her departure.

Jonathan Harris – Bible Society Australia

Jonathan Harris from the Bible Society Australia explains the work we are supporting in the Indigenous communities of Vietnam, his story of growing up in the Indigenous Australian community and being able to bring the Bible to them in their own heart language.