Gymea Baptist Church first went to Cambodia in January, 2009. We work with local partners to help them in their ministry. Each two week trip also enables team members to experience ‘mission’ in a developing country and get a greater understanding of God’s work in Cambodia.

Since our first mission trip in January 2009 our church has sent more than 70 people on six mission trips to Cambodia seeking to fulfil our vision of:

 Engaging the world
• Acting for justice
• Assisting our partners

Each year the team participates in a series of training sessions which include team building, team unity, conflict resolution, cultural adaption, itinerary preparation and fundraising.

These trips and our itinerary expose each team to the Cambodian culture and help us help our partners fulfil the vision that God has placed on their hearts.  Each team member experiences personal growth and discipleship, works together to meet a fundraising budget and visits and participates with the projects on-field. The practical and financial support for our partners through the fundraising activities has further advocated the deep need of poverty and injustice in Cambodia and grown awareness in our communities here at home.

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The feedback from our partners and recent debrief from previous trips have highlighted the need to change the way our trips are structured and facilitated. This has the potential to provide opportunities for previous team members and leaders to take on greater responsibilities to further grow our Cambodia mission’s ministry.

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