GBC YOUTH aims to see young people experience the truth of the gospel and the revival that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. It is the vision of GBC YOUTH to see lives transformed and the next generation, rising up in faith and leadership.

EDGE Youth:

Yr 5 & 6

Wednesday at 5.30pm – 7pm

Here at EDGE Youth we seek to journey with young people as the explore and discover the person they were made to be. Through community and Christ, we believe that they will rise up as they move into the next stage of life.

Life Groups:

Friday at 6pm

GBC YOUTH wants to see young people being discipled and growing in the faith with God and our Life Groups are all about that! They are about building great relationships with peers and leaders, getting deeper into the bible together and sharing life with one another so that we can all be encouraged and built up in Christ. There are currently three groups: Jnr girls, Snr Girls and Snr Boys.

Jnr/Snr HIGH:
Yr 7 – 12

Friday at 7.30pm – 9.30 pm

Here at GBC Youth we seek to champion young people as they explore and experience he transformation that comes from Jesus as rise up to be the next generation of leaders in the church.


Yr 6-8

Sunday at 10.30am

Here at JAM we seek to engage our young people with the wider community of faith. As they make their way through their own faith journey, we want to see them connecting in with the body of Christ as they find the place within it.

Need more information?

Please contact Matt Willis at the church office on (02) 9521 4611 or e-mail.